Text about the home video system project by Johannes Raether



Who hosts who

ARHAN KAYAR hosts „Kung-Fusion“ –a video by Maria del Pilar Garcia Ayensa

GÜLSÜN KARAMUSTAFA hosts „Driven by love“ by Lovett/Codagnone

YAEL DAVIDS hosts “untitled“ by Ralf Ziervogel and „Don´t invade my privacy“ by minimal club

PELIN TAN hosts „Fear of a kanak planet“ by Alexandra Weltz

BALCA ERDENER hosts „Arabsaçi“ by Asli Sungu

ODA PROJESI on the balcony hosts „Visiting Themroc“ by Michaela Schweiger




Participants in Home video systems

Michaela Schweiger, Berlin
„Visiting Themroc“ , 2003, 9 min
german with turkish subtitles

A video montaging images about the redefinition of work in western societies.

Minimal Club, Berlin
(Stefan Geene, Sabeth Buchmann, Elfe Brandenburg, Mano Wittmann)
„Don´t invade my privacy“ 1995, 4min
german with turkish subtitles

A short and funny statement dealing with the inside and outside of television media with the individual trapped in the various stereotypical roles of the programm.

Asli Sungu, Berlin/ Istanbul
„Arapsaci“ 2003, 7 min

A spoken record of a family quarrel, turning from the funny to the absurd into frightening language discrimination of minorities.

Lovett/Codagnone, New York
„Driven by Love“, 2000
without language

A very bold documentation of a performance piece: Two men dressed in S/M gear kissing in a red corvette sportscar on a new york sidewalk.

Maria del Pilar Garcia Ayensa, Berlin
„Kung- Fusion“ 2003,
without language

A rythmic collage of spanish dance and far east martial arts techniques.

Ralf Ziervogel, Berlin
„untitled“ 2002, 2 min
without language

A mockup of contemporary music video, home grown. A Reflection on the possibilities of image production in pop video language.

Alexandra Weltz, Berlin
„Fear of a Kanak Planet“ 2003
German with turkish transcript

A hommage to the „turkish“ kreuzberg in Berlin, exaggerating the clichés produced by german society . A critical report on the racism and the stereotypes reproducing it.

A Project by Johannes Raether