3 Videos from Egill Sæbjörnsson


Oh I need your love babe
The video was originally made as a musicvideo to a song I wrote for my first album called The International Rock n’roll Summer of Egill Sæbjörnsson. It is made with album-covers from album-sleeves I borrowed from friends and from my own CD-collection. They were scanned into a computer and slightly manipulated and used as a background for a small white car that drives through them as if they were landscapes. The idea of the video is from my fascination of album-covers. For me, album covers were each like a door to a unique universe. They represented everything that was “outside” of the world I knew as a kid. Exciting and exotic.


You Are My Loving Insane
Early in the year 2001 a London based record label called SomeBizarre (Soft Cell, Einstueryende Neubauten, Marc Almond) released a LP with my music. It was called Tonk of the lawn. A few months later the first single came out with a song called You Are my Loving Insane. To follow up that release I made this video.
On the cover of the LP I had made a drawing with three items; A small hairy creature with two eyes, a white deer and a ghettoblaster. There was no meaning in putting those three items together. Never the less I used this image as a starting point for the video. Since childhood I had been fascinated with images on record covers such as the notorious image on the Beatles' Srgt Lonely Hearts Club Band or all the Pink Floyd albums which seemed to be like a door or a window into a visual world accompanying the music. In 1999 I had made a video with a small white car that travels from one record cover into the other one (Oh I Need Your Love Babe). Using my own album seemed logical.
There is a story following "You Are My Loving Insane". Mori drives a car on a road. In his unscrupulous manner he enjoys it very much. He is on his way to meet his friend "The White Deer" and to go with him to the beach to enjoy the sun and to eat ice cream. In the heat of things, driving too fast, he accidentaly hits The White Deer standing on the road. The White Deer falls on the ground and for a moment one doesn't know if it is dead or still alive. Mori pulls the ghettoblaster out of the car and goes over to The White Deer and after a while it raises it's head and licks Mori forgivingly straight in his face and Mori embraces the The White Deer. Then next we see them sitting like two pals drinking soda on a bar, writing a horse with two masks, dancing to the ghettoblaster and then finally sleeping together in one bed like best pals. In some scenes More is also seen playing drums and I tried very much to make his playing fit to the beat of the song…

  We Are Flowers
We Are Flowers is a combination of an animation made of drawings and a song. The song has never been published on a CD. It is a new song…
One is born, pretty much as an empty piece of paper. As one walks trhough life one gets scattered with images and issues. Like walking in a black winternight with fluffy snowflakes driving down from the black sky landing on you as you walk.