"Posters" is a publication of different public poster projects
from the last few years.

All posters were originally flyposted in the streets and handed
out for free in the exhibition, with the exception of one made
for a public bench in Los Angeles.

The text on each poster adopts the local language particular
to the poster's location.

Some have been made in more than one language.

All posters address general questions about the planning and
usage of public and private space, with one exception :the Vollsmose poster is specific to a Danish context.

However, some of these were originally made for specific locations,
-as with the Los Angeles mentioned above.
-'Spaced Out', which was commissioned for a show in Glasgow and
-'Questioner Architecture etc.' made for Geneva.

A text by Doreen Massey, included in the poster collection, was originally published in 'Power-Geometries and The Politics of Space-Time' - Hettner-Lecture 1998.

Also one of the posters from this publication will be produced
in Turkish for the show to be handed out and flyposted.



Born 1971 in Albertslund. Lives and works in Berlin.

1990-1993: Social studies at Roskilde University Center
1995-2000 : The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1995: Who do you wish was with us. Galleri Campbells Occasionally. Copenhagen. Denmark.
1996: Our House. Forumgalleriet. Malmö. Sweden.
1997: Kunstruimte Wagemans. Beetsterzwaag. (with Kirsten Justesen). The Netherlands.
1999: Power, Corruption & Lies. Galerie Enja Wonneberger. Kiel. Germany.
2000: Schnitt Ausstellungsraum. Cologne. Germany.
Galleri Nicolai Wallner. Copenhagen. Denmark.
Galerie Enja Wonneberger. Kiel. Germany.
2001: Kunstverein in Hamburg. Hamburg. Germany.
Project at Center for Urbanism, Dialogue and Information. Vollsmose. Denmark.
Projectroom. Finnish Photographic Museum. Helsinki. Finland.
Presentation at Atelier Augarten. Vienna. (with Gitte Villesen). Austria.
2002: Martin Janda - Raum Aktueller Kunst. Vienna. Austria.
Galleri Nicolai Wallner. Copenhagen. Denmark.
2003: Am Parlamentplatz. Frankfurt. (with Gitte Villesen). Germany.
Centre d’Edition Contemporaine. Geneva. Switzerland.
Cubitt Gallery. London. UK. (with Luke Fowler)
Project with D.A.E.. San Sebastian. Spain.

Selected Group Exhibitions
Drawings. Galleri Campbells Occasionally. Copenhagen. Denmark.
RAM. Portalen. Hundige. Denmark.
2 dimensional theory. Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. Copenhagen. Denmark.
9 dimensional theory. Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. Copenhagen. Denmark.
Take Off. Galerie Krinzinger. Benger Fabrik. Bregenz. Austria.
Stofskifte. Museum of Contemporary Art. Roskilde. Denmark.
The Louisiana Exhibition 1997. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Humlebæk. Denmark.
Underground. Galerie Asbæk. Copenhagen. Denmark.
Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark. Museum Fridericianum. Kassel. Germany.
Wrapped. Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum. Sorø. Denmark.
It All Began In The Seventies. Mishkan Le’Omanut - Museum of Art. Ein Harod. Israel.
Lè Grând Præmière Opénïng Shöw. Galleri Nicolai Wallner. Copenhagen. Denmark.
Bildung. Grazer Kunstverein. Graz. Austria.
Dispensing with Formalities. Project organised by Brett Bloom and Jacob Fabricius. Copenhagen. Denmark.
På Sporet af.... Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. Copenhagen. Denmark.
Organising Freedom. Modern Museum. Stockholm. Sweden.
The Social Engineer. Transmission Gallery. Glasgow. Scotland.
Kwangju Biennale Korea 2000. Kwangju. South Korea.
Out Of Space. Kölnischer Kunstverein. Cologne. Germany.
Momentum - The Nordic Biennale. Moss. Norway.
Viva Scanland. Catalyst Arts. Belfast. Northern Ireland.
Negotiations. Contemporary Art Center. Sète. France.
Use Your Illusions, Part 3. Arnolfini. Bristol. England.
Du er helt ny - du er retro. Clausens Kunsthandel + Danske Grafikeres Hus. Copenhagen. Denmark.
Borgmann + Nathusius. Cologne. Germany.
Du er helt ny - du er retro. Trapholt Museum. Kolding. Denmark.
Take Off 20:01. Museum of Modern Art. Aarhus. Denmark.
Beyond. DCA. Dundee. Scotland.
Zero Gravity. Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf. Germany.
Intentional Communities. Rooseum - Center For Contemporary Art. Malmö. Sweden.
International Biennial of Graphic Arts. Ljubljana. Slovenia.
Post Production. Arte Continua. San Gimignano. Italy.
Group Show. Galleri Nicolai Wallner. Copenhagen. Denmark.
uto (the technology of tears). CASCO. Utrecht. The Netherlands.
CUDI. Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik. Odense. Denmark.
Concrete Garden. Museum of Modern Art. Oxford. England.
Mega Structures: manifestos of presumptuousness - Forum for experimental architecture - Vienna Architectural Triennial. Künsthaus Mürz. Mürz. Austria.
Binder Archives. Arranged by Temporary Services. Chicago. USA.
Greyscale. Tramway. Glasgow. Scotland.
Esplanaden. Charlottenborg. Copenhagen. Denmark.
Centre of Attraction . Baltic Trennial of International Art. Vilnius. Lithuania.
Rent-a-bench. Project arranged by Jacob Fabricius. Los Angeles. USA.
Greyscale. Royal Hibernian Gallery. Dublin. Ireland.
GNS. Palais de Tokyo. Paris. France.
Present Perfect. &:. Paris. France.
Utopia Station. Ongoing project. First installment at The Venice Biennual 2003. Venice. Italy.
Modern Islands. Public space project. Pragerstr. Dresden. Germany.
Accessoiremaximalismus. Kunsthalle Kiel. Kiel. Germany.
Seethe. Catriona Jeffries Gallery. Vancouver. Canada.
10 years anniversary show. Galleri Nicolai Wallner. Copenhagen. Denmark.
1 million people incl. suburbs arranged by Fia Bäckström. New York. USA.
Not Now!. Kunstraum B2. Leipzig. Germany.
Plunder. DCA. Dundee. Scotland.
Unbuilt cities. Bonner Kunstverein. Bonn. Germany.

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