THE SESSION by Annika Eriksson

In this project produced in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I wanted to bring together two kinds of music: Rap and Repente. The musicians come from very different contexts, traditions and generations, but they share an interest in the spoken word and in improvisation.

During an earlier stay in Sao Paulo I came in contact with the repentistas Pardal da Saudade & Verde Lins and I got the impression that they were a kind of „Folklore rappers”. I decided to suggest to them a collaboration with a rap band. Later I heard about Záfrica Brasil and
invited them. These musicians has, even if different, a lot in common.

The project contains a film, a poster and a CD with the soundtrack of the film. It will also be presented in Galeria Vermelhio in Sao Paulo.

About Pardal da Saudade & Verde Lins

The tradition of Embolada/Repente originate from an old tradition of street performers working with rhythm and lyrics. Originally, they are from the North East of Brazil, but today we can find them performing in almost all big cities of Brazil, like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
Their tools are parody, humour and a swing that can overcome tough realities. This tradition has represented the critical voice of the people since Brazil's colonial times.

About Z'Africa Brasil

„We honour the elements of Hip Hop as a cultural movement. Our goal is to assimilate the entire diversity of rhythm, word and colour in order to summon the treasures of our ancestors' oral, ritual and spiritual traditions. "Z" stands for for Zumbi, the leader of our biggest resistance movement against centralised power. „Quilombos” were settled to resist the oppression of slavery . These fortified inland villages, fugitive slaves, were sheltered from the constant attacks sponsored in the XVII century by farmers and their armies. They formed a free
parallel state of 100,000 people. Today, the peripheries of the big urban centres are packed with millions of semi-enslaved people. The name of our first album is „Antigamente Quilombos, Hoje Periferia” (Yesterday the quilombos, today the favelas). The favelas are rich in human
relationships, creativity and improvisation, powers capable of overcoming a way of life marked by enormous social and economical inequalities.”


CV - ANNIKA ERIKSSON (will be installed soon) (new article) (exhibition project in 2003)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

„Arbeitswelt”, Kunstverein, München
“Staff at Malmö Konst Museum”, Malmö Konst Museum
„Curating Students Goldsmith College”, Goldsmiths College, London
“Collectors”, Moderna Museet Projekt, Stockholm
“Stockholm Postmen‚s Orchestra”, Andréhn Schiptjenko, Stockholm

Selected Group Exhibitions

Berlin North, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
„Spektakular”, Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf
Biennale De Límage, Geneva
“Periferic Biennale”, Iasi, Romania
„Abstrak?”, Sveriges Television, Stockholm
25th Bienal de Sao Paulo
“Teaser”, DAAD Gallerie, Berlin
„The music in me”, Gessellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
“Reopening”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
„Extension”, IASPIS, Stockholm
„Nordic Images”, Elba Benitez Galleria, Madrid
„Language-Dialogue”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
„Fixation:Notions of Obsession”Lopez Memorial Museum, Manila
„Moderna Museet c/o Magasin 3”, Magasin 3, Stockholm
„Everything can be different”, Independent Curators International, New York
„Vi-Intentional Communities”, Rooseum, Malmö and CAC, Villnius
„Exhibition 2”, IASPIS, Stockholm
“Wiederaufnahme”, Aachener Kunstverein
„Dakart Biennale”, Dakar, Senegal
„Speed of Vision”, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Connecticut and Pittsburgh Centre for the Arts
„Democracy”, Royal College of Art Galleries, London
„Organizing Freedom”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm and Charlottenburg, Köpenhamn
“Art and entertainment”, Chicago Project Room
“Plug in”, Salon 3, London
“Sociale Sabotage”, Der Standard, Museum in Progress, Vienna
“Come Closer, 90s Art from Scandinavia and some Predecessors”, Liechtensteinischen Staatlichen Kunstsammlung, Vaduz, Nicolaikirke, Köpenhamn and Museum Ludwig, Budapest
“Best Before”, Offenses Kulturhaus, Linz, Galerie 5021, Saltzburg
“Do all Oceans have Walls?”, Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
“X-squared”, Sessesion, Vienna
“Letter and Event”, Apex Art, New York
“Strange encounters”, Bricks and Kicks, Vienna
“Now-Here/Work in Progress”, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæck
“I am curious/Come and see us”, Independent Art Space, London
“Reternity”, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
“Shaking Patterns”, W 139, Amsterdam

Selected Projects
„Interarchive”, published by Kunstraum des Universität Lüneburg
„Metronome” #7, published by Clémentine Deliss, London
“Two Men and a Sheep”, Independent Art Space, London
“Two Men and a Sheep”, Hackesche Höfe, Berlin and Skeppargatan, Stockholm
“New reality mix”, Stockholm

Selected Screenings
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
“Es ist schwer das Reale zu berühren”, Kunstverein München
„For you Mongolia”, The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulan Bator
„Interferenze” Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena
„My Generation”, Atlantic Gallery, London
“Nuit blanche”, Museé dárt moderne de la ville de Paris

Upcoming 2004
Soloshow at DAAD Gallery, Berlin
„Socle du Monde, Herning Kunstmuseum, Denmark
“Sparwasser HQ at Plattform” Platform, Istanbul
Galeria Vermehlo, Sao Paulo
„Documentary (Social, Political)”, Nifca Helsinki, Index, Stockholm and Lunds Konsthall
Publication, “Perform”, by Jens Hoffman and Joan Jonas, Thames and Hudson, London