Lost (Found Tracks)


Heman Chong/NoSleepRequired


07 March - 15 April 2003
Weds - Fri, 4 - 11pm
Sat, 2 - 11 pm


( Quote )

"It is not sympathy or empathy that he seeks from his audience, but rather the issuance or the broadcast of the visual stimuli in order to say what it is. If these works were to be seen as commentaries, then such critiques would only be oblique, defined by the audiences' willingness to claim the experience as a moral statement. Heman Chong recognizes the power of the city as metaphor to the human condition. We may best regard Chong's works as attempts to give form to an urban culture, conjoining into them entry points into which audiences may locate his or their own realities, whether objective or perceived."

Ahmad Mashadi (Assistant Director, Singapore Art Museum/Curator, Singapore participation, 10th India Triennale)
"10th India Triennale catalogue"


( Synopsis )

Lost (Found Tracks) is a series of 5 audio CDs recorded in 5 different metropoles (London, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, Singapore). By engaging in a sonic process with the city, Heman Chong has created a collection of found sounds from televisions (Paris), a live performance for a video (London), a cinema space (Singapore) and most importantly, from the city itself (Tokyo and Beijing). Read as an autobiography of his travels, these CDs track a course over the map of his world in the past year. For this presentation at Sparwasser, he invites you to drown in the sounds outside the gallery space; reinserting the sounds into the misc-en-scene of the city. How does London, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, Singapore sound like mixed in with the real life sounds of Berlin?


( Biographies )

Heman Chong
Heman Chong is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2003) in Berlin. His trans-disciplinary practice involves the usage of graphics, photography, text, video in the exploration of mobility/nomadism, cinema/off-screen spaces, urbanity and increasingly, socio-political issues concerning the production of contemporary visual art in Asia. He has exhibited in many countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, Japan, India, Spain, Singapore and the United Kingdom. He holds an MA in Communication Art and Design from the Royal College of Art, London.



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