Alexandre Estrela


Cross sharing

Video projection, dvd 12`, 2000
In a sequence of the film "Soylent Green", a dying old man in a euthanasia chamber watches projected images of nature. One of these images, stock footage that was also used in the film, "Far From the Madding Crowd",is used in "Cross sharing" as a transition point to splice the two films together. In the second film, this film sequence leads to a scene in which a shepherd dog drives a flock of sheep to a dramatic death. The appropriation of footage from other films is a common procedure in the film industry. Taking advantage of this procedure, this video creates a third narrative by grafting the two films through the shared image.


Mass produced pool for workers

PVC model, 2000
In 1922, the architect Le Corbusier designed a house meant to be a modern, cheap, and comfortable accommodation for workers. The project was never constructed, foreshadowing in its own way the failure of a modern utopia. ŮMass Produced Pool for WorkersÓ is a model of a pool based on the inverted plans of Le Corbusier`s design. A mass produced house for workers corresponded to the needs of the modern worker, while "Mass Produced Pool for Workers" fulfils the needs of the postmodern worker ‹ leisure. The pool or flooded upside-down house brings together two utopias, the utopia of the modern civilization and the platonic utopia of Atlantean civilization.


S/ Sol

Video projection, dvd 12`, 1999
The word "sol" has a double meaning in Portuguese: 1) the G note, 2) the sun. S/ Sol, (without G/sun) plays with this duplicity. This video is composed of the image of a sun moving to the sound of an electronic theme by the band l@n. All the G notes were removed from the sound track. This manipulation of the sound dictated the editing of the image. Each sound gap left by the absence of the note G corresponds to an image gap made by the insertion of a black frame in the video. As stated in the title, the sound gaps emphasize the absence of the image and vice-versa.

Lives and works in New York

MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York.

Degree in Painting at the University of Lisbon - School of the Arts.

Exchange program at the Audio-visual department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Solo Exhibitions

 2001                           CROSSSHARING-Hi8-Turquoise Hexagon Sun, Interferências,

                                    Chiado Museum, Lisbon (curated by Pedro Lapa)

                                    Alexandre Estrela, Slow Motion, E.S.T.G.A.D., Caldas da Rainha

                                    (curated by Miguel Wandshneider)

2000                            RTP2, apartment, Lisbon


Group Exhibitions (selection)

2001                            SPARING PARTNERS ART COLLECTION (curated by Sparing Partners)

                                   AIR PORTUGAL, The Pond, San Francisco (curated by João Simões)*

                                   NOVAS AQUISIÇÕES, Museu do Chiado, Lisbon , (curated by Pedro Lapa)

                                   7 ARTISTAS AO 10 MÊS, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, (curated by Francisco Vaz Fernandes)*

                                   SQUATTERS II, Witt de With , Roterdam (curated by Bartomeu Mari)

                                   SQUATTERS, Edificio da Direcção Geral da Concervação do Património, Porto (curated by Porto2001 and Fundação Serralves)

                                   COLECÇÃO PERMANENTE DO C.A.M., Centro de Arte Moderna F.C.G. Lisboa

                                   Bienal da  Maia , (curated by Paulo Mendes)

2000                            ELECTRIC HOUSE, WC Container, Artes em Partes, Porto (curated by Paulo Mendes)

                                   NORTH BY Northwest, Caldeira 123, Porto (curated by Gustavo e Eduardo )

                                    CONTAMINANTES COMUNICANTES, S.N.B.A., Lisbon (curated by Paulo Mendes and David Santos)*

                                    PLANOXXI, G-Mac, Glasgow (curated by Paulo Mendes and António Rego)

                                    ZDB goes to FRISCO,Southern Exposure gallery, San Francisco (curated by ZDB)

                                    AIR PORTUGAL, London Bienal, Shorditch townhall, London (curated by Miguel Soares and João Simões)*

1999                            ESPAÇO1999, Natural History Museum, Lisbon (curated by Pedro Cabral Santo and Gilberto Reis)

                                    FESTIVAL ATLANTICO’99, Lisbon (curated by ZDB) *

                                    BM99, Maia (curated by António Cerveira Pinto)

                                    (A)CASOS & MATERIAIS, C.A.P.C., Coimbra (curated by Paulo Mendes)

                                    SELECTIONS, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York (curated by Lucio Pozzi)

1998                            BIOVOID, Sala do Veado, Natural History Museum, Lisbon*

                                    22,23,  two apartments in Manhatan, New York ( co-curated with Derek Zeitel )

                                    O IMPERIO CONTRA ATACA, ZDB, Lisbon ; La Capella, Barcelona

                                   (curated by Carlos Roque and Pedro Cabral Santo)*

1997                           A ARTE O ARTISTA E O OUTRO, Fundação Cupertino Miranda, Famalicão*

                                    (curated by Miguel von Hafe Perez)

                                    JAMBA, Sala do Veado, Natural History Museum, Lisbon

1996                            ARCO96, Aula do Risco, Parque ferial Juan Carlos I, Madrid (curated by António Cerveira Pinto)

                                    GREENHOUSE DISPLAY, Lisbon’s Green House, Lisbon (curated by Autores em Movimento)*

1995                            LA BIENNALE DES JEUNES ARTISTES D’EUROPE MEDITERRANEE, Rijeka, Croacia*

                                    WALLMATE, School of Visual Arts, University of Lisbon (co-curated with Miguel Soares)*

1994                            ACABAMENTOS DE LUXO, Portuguese Architects Association, (curated by João Pinharanda) Lisbon*

                                    20 000 MINUTOS DE ARTE NO TECNICO, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon (curated by Joana Vasconcelos)

                                    SET- UP, School of Liberal Arts, University of Lisbon (curated By Paulo Carmona)

                                    INDEPENDENT WORM SALOON, National Society for the Arts, Lisbon (co-curated with Rui Toscano)

1993                            REAL RAVE, Movie Theatre, Portela de Sintra (curated by Patricia Gouveia)

                                    O QUE E NACIONAL E BOM, Forum Prior do Crato, Lisbon (curated by Pedro Cabral)

                                    Colective project A SALVO DA LUZ, School of Visual Arts, University of Lisbon

                                    MS.AE.AM.HF, Monumental gallery, Lisbon

1991                           ARTE COM TIMOR, Palácio das Galveias, Lisbon

                                    ARTSTRIKE, School of Visual Arts, University of Lisbon*

                                    FALTAM NOVE PARA 2000, School of Visual Arts, University of Lisbon

Other Activities

1999                            Director of the Short Videoart  Festival Hi8

1998                            Art director of the exhibition BIOVOID


                                    Portugal Telecom

                                    Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

                                    Museu do Chiado

                                    Associação 15/21