current exhibition

The Pineapple goes Berlin

Maria Hedlund (S), David Krantz (S), Torbjörn Limé (S) , Katrin von Maltzahn(D, Nikolaj Recke (DK), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Phillipienen/DK, Gunnar Sandin (S), Florian Zeyfang (D).

June 8. - July 1. 2000

SPARWASSER HQ opens its doors for the first time on Thursday night at 6 pm.

S P A R W A S S E R   H Q is a new artist-run space.
It is located at Torstrasse 161 in Berlin Mitte.

SPARWASSER celebrates the collaboration between the two artists/curators:

Both Limé and Nelleman are Scandinavian, and SPARWASSER HQ's activities will be filtered through a Scandinavian lens. SPARWASSER HQ will be, in its initial phase, a six-month project, producing exhibitions, social events, media-based art, etc. The focus will be on ideas in-progress within the framework of artistic research.

Thorbjörn Lime brings to SPARWASSER HQ years of experience as organizer of his own artist-run space, "The Pineapple" in Malmö. " The first exhibition presented at SPARWASSER HQ, therefore, will be


"T h e  P i n e a p p l e  g o e s  B e r l i n"

"The Pineapple goes Berlin" shows eight artists from Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. The artists work with themes of language, communication, and learning:

MARIA HEDLUND is from Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, she has a studio and a scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Smudge and dirt create a unique feeling of presence in her photographs. They are proof of never being left in peace.

DAVID KRANTZ lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. He presents a video in 3-D, depicting evolution from the dinosaurs to our days. The video lasts approximately four minutes. Bring your 3-D glasses!

TORBJÖRN LIMÉ lives and works in Malmö, Sweden and Berlin. His works focus on the absurdity of life, juxtaposing seductive dreams with political reality.

KATRIN VON MALTZAHN is German; she lives and works in Berlin. Her works in this exhibition explore conditions between teaching and learning. In "Learning by doing," MALTZAHN reconstructs episodes from English educational films of her schooldays. In her animated video, she tries to teach us to pronounce the Hungarian alphabet.
NIKOLAJ RECKE is Danish. Usually, he lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Right now, he occupies the DC (Danish Center of Contemporary Art) flat in Berlin. In the exhibition, he throws a party in which you can not participate. In contrast, he presents photographs that are highly communicative.

LILIBETH CUENCA RASMUSSEN is Philippina/Danish; she lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her wall painting, divided into several smaller "animation sequences," deals with episodes from daily life. Don't miss her online animation sequence:

GUNNAR SANDIN is based in Malmö, Sweden. He is interested in the relationship between art and language. His works explore words and their semiotic references. In this exhibition, he presents several photographs. His on-going project is an english-lappish dictionary. Lapps are the original inhabitants of northern Scandinavia.

FLORIAN ZEYFANG is a Berlin-based artist. His work involves representations of so-called new technologies and their influences on life, work, love, and image.



Lise Nelleman is a Danish artist; since 1992, she has lived and worked in Berlin.

The Pineapple - Mobile Space for Contemporary Art is run by Torbjörn Limé (S) and Bjørn Wangen (N).

Many thanks for their support to:
The Crafoordska Foundation, the Embassy of Denmark, Berlin, The Längmanska Culture Foundation, and the Embassy of Sweden, Berlin

Additional thanks to: Aero-berlin, for lending us chairs, and Katrin von Maltzahn, for lending us two videoplayers/monitors (without which Sparwasser HQ would have had no future!)