Presentation by Sparwasser HQ, Berlin

Tuesday 19. June 2007 at 8 p.m.
Laboratorio Curatorial 060 (curatorial collective, MEX)
The talk will be given in English.

Laboratorio Curatorial 060

Laboratorio Curatorial 060 (Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Lourdes Morales, Javier Toscano, Daniela Wolf) is an interdisciplinary curatorial collective based in Mexico City. LC 060 presents experimental curatorial work, with special focus on Frontera: Esbozo para la creación de una sociedad del futuro (Frontera: A draft for the creation of a society of the future). Frontera is a project realised in the homonymous Mexican-Guatemaltecan border city, where since January 2006 international artists and architects work with the inhabitants and their place, with local traditions and the consequences of the geopolitical situation. Besides their curatorial work, LC 060 position themselves in discourses through artistic interferences, as now in Ricardo Basbaum’s work in progress Would you like to participate in an artistic experience (1994-), Documenta 12, Kassel.

from the series of dialogues Personal and business – New Positions from Mexico hosted by plus minus 7 – project for contemporary art in cooperation with Sparwasser HQ and allgirls, program June - August

Personal and business – New Positions from Mexico is inspired by the continuous flow of artists and curators between Mexico and Germany. In the past years, temporarily or permanently, more and more Latin-American artists moved to Berlin. This year important events in the international art scene focus the attention of Latin-Americans artists and curators especially on Germany. Personal and business – New Positions from Mexico is a series of dialogues intending to picture the dynamics and the resulting creative possibilities of this tendency.

With kind support by Kulturamt Berlin-Mitte and the Mexican Embassy in Germany.