Lise Nellemann and Jole Wilcke
Born 1960 and 1970. Live and work in Berlin.

communicative setting (chairs, table) texts, signs

Courtesy of the artists (Jole Wilcke/Lise Nellemann and the participating artists/artist groups)


This is a meeting place for the audience to talk about ways of working and to exchange information.

Also, we hope you will respond to our hospitality:
Be our Guest? or do us the favour and take on the role of a Host?
This piece is based on your engagement!


For this exhibition, Lise Nellemann and Jole Wilcke have asked a number of artists and curators to send them a work "where curators shortcut the curatorial process, leave out the artist and give the audience a glimpse of something they would like them to do"; something that could create circulation and build relations between members of the museum audience.

This hopes to bring the museum visitor away from the role of art consumer to the situation of being an active participant. The idea is to make a room of communication and not a room of contemplation with physical artobjects or accumulated treasures.

It also encourages the visitor to think in terms of building up your own context for improvements (of public life and quality of life) and to create networks with like-minded people in order to carry out simple actions.

The communication room could also be a room where people have an opportunity to talk about what kind of artistic work or practices the exhibition Situation and similar exhibition projects are really about.

Lise Nellemann and Jole Wilcke


Artist-curators groups or individuals, who delivered their scripts to this meeting point:

Introduction piece, Sparwasser HQ (Berlin, Germany)
Blue Oyster (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Dave Beech (Manchester, England)
Dellbruegge&deMoll (Berlin, Germany)
Gavin Wade (Birmingham, England)

Instant Coffee (Toronto,CA)
Offspace, (Vienna, Austria)
>projektgruppe< (Hamburg, Germany)
rum46 (Aarhus, Denmark)
Sofia Heger, United Networks (Stockholm, Sweden)

Solvej Helweg Ovesen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Unwetter (Berlin, Germany)
Video Art Center Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) 1 & 2