Tim Brennan
Born -
Sunderland (UK) in 1966.



1984-85 Sunderland Polytechnic (Foundation).
1985-88 Humberside College of Higher Education. BA (Hons. 1st) in Fine Art.
1988-90 Slade School of Fine Art.
1996-98 Ruskin College Oxford. MA Public History & Historiography. (Dist)


Tim Brennan has been involved in teaching art since 1989 including:
1992-95 Full time Visual Performance, Dartington College of Arts
1997-99 .5 (rising to .75) Assistant Director MA Fine Art Administration & Curatorship, Goldsmiths College, University of London,

Performance workshops

1987 'Photoaction' (UK)
1992 'Kill Your Pillow' [with Ulay] (Neths)
1993 '24 Hour Lab' (UK), Pain (UK), Lighthouse (UK)
1994 'This House' (UK)
1997 'Impossible Teaching Pack', East End Fictions, both Camerawork (UK).


1989 The Duveen Scholarship [Slade] British Council.
1991 Eurocreation, European Pepiniere for Young Artists.
1992 British Council.
1993 New Collaborations ACE (UK).
1997 A4E Express Lottery scheme.
1998 Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust.

Performance, Installation, Sculpture, Prepared Books, Manoeuvres

'Cradle', performance, Hull, UK.
'The Great Learning', performance, Eye Music, Ferens, Hull.

'Torchbell', performance, Sheffield Media Show, UK.
'Material Investigation', performance, Events Week, Hull.
'Floorwork', Photo-work with Simon Drury, HCHE,Hull.
'Drums Along The Humber', performance with Paul Burwell, Hull.
'Performance', photographs with Simon Drury, Posterngate Gallery, Hull.
'Material Metaphor', performance, Outsiders, Ferens, Hull.

'Taut', performance with Artworks,
Ferens, Hull,
Sheffield Media Show, Newcastle Polytechnic, National Review of Live Art (NRLA), Nottingham.
'Automatic Material' photographs & text with Simon Drury, Newcastle Polytechnic.
'The People's Flag?' tape-slide, London Film-Makers Co-op.
'Is This England?', performance, The Blue Line Project, Hull.
'The British Camp', performance-installation, Hull.
'Four Postcards', postal-works, Seven Days For New Thinking, Free International University, London.
'219 A Situation', performance with Artworks, (NRLA) Third Eye Centre, Glasgow.
'Physical Minimum', performance, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.

'Whitewash & Black Propaganda', performance with David Coxon, Sheffield Media Show.
'Intervention', performance, Sheffield Media Show.
'The State Welfare Project', installation, Hull; Open Hand Studios, Reading.
'Naturgeschichte Bureaukratie', performance, Ripple Effect, ICA, London.
'Impasse', performance with David Coxon, Artists and War, Ferens, Hull.
'Ager Publicus', performance-installation with Gillian Dyson, Gallery NK, Bergen, Norway.
'The British Camp', photo-works with Simon Drury, Staged for Bulgaria, touring Bulgaria and Leicester Picture House.
'Obleute', performance with Gillian Dyson, Windfall '98, Bremen, Germany.
'Free State', performance, Audio-Visual Experimental (AVE), Arnhem, Netherlands.

'Interstice', performance with Nicholas Lowe, Act-up, Diorama, London.
'Naturgeschichte, A Natural Selection', photo-installation, UCL, London.
'Activity at Short Range', performance with Human Performance Laboratory, Test 7, Hull.
'Activity at Short Range', performance with John Jordan, Sheffield Media Show.
'The Welfare State Project', photo-text, AND The Journal of Art Education.
'Fortress Europe', installation, UCL, London.
'Of Private Property & Public Insubordination', performance, AVE, Arnhem, Netherlands.
'Ourselves Alone', performance, Post Morality, Kettles Yard & Cambridge Darkroom.
'The List', performance, The Desk Project, W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
'Fortress Europe no.7', performance, Oceaan, Arnhem, Netherlands.
'Kein(e) Prozess(ion), Fortress Europe no.8', installation, Arched Space, London.
'Fortress Europe no.9', performance, VIP Film 8, Berlin, Germany.

'The Double Silent', installation with Dean Brannagan, Multiples, Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Netherlands.
'At The Point Of Engagement', performance with Dean Brannagan, Moltkerie Werkstatt, Cologne, Germany.
'Fortress Europe no.10', installation, Bethune, France.
'Fortress Europe nos. 11 -42', photographic works, Bethune Centre Regional de Ia Photographie, Douchy Les Mines, France.
'Post Festum, Fortress Europe no.43', installation with Gareth James, Bethune, France.
'Proletary', performance, Regroup, Arched Space, London.
'Black Reaction', performance, W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
'Fortress Europe No.56', performance with Katia Jaworska, BWA,Lublin, Poland.

'Walking, Talking, Beating', performance with Gillian Dyson, Gallery Fisch, Braunschweig, Germany.
'A Foreign Office, Fortress Europe No.58', performance, De Achterstraat, Hoorn, Netherlands.
'Fortress Europe No.59', performance, Interzone, Quebec, Canada.
'Fortress Europe No.60', performance, Saw Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
'Fortress Europe nos. 11-42', photographic works, Festival de Lille, Palais de Ricour, Lille, France.

'A$under', manoeuvre, Cardboard City, London.
'Auto', performance, Ripple Effect, ICA, London.
'Exhallations, Fortress Europe Nos.62-63' performic lecture as Performance South West (PSW), NRLA, ICA, London.
'A Home Office, Fortress Europe no.61' performance, The Showroom, London.
'Floe', performance, Melting Time, Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark.

'Insiders', manoeuvre, Outsiders, Camerawork/Cable St. London.
'Fortress Europe nos.65-71', sculpture & photographic works, Dartington Gallery, Devon.
'A Banana Republic', performance, (PSW), Spacex, Exeter.
'The Royal Chamber', performance with Gillian Dyson, Violence of the Imagination, Zap Club, Brighton.
'Conversations with Louis Althusser & Charlotte Corday', performance (PSW), Caen, France.
'Conversations with Charlotte Corday & Louis Althusser', performance (PSW), Bethune, France.
'Fortress Europe no.72', performance (PSW), Fribourg, Switzerland.
'The Occident & Other Orientations', performance-photography with Clare Brennan, Kurdistan Nov. '94, Dartington Gallery, Devon.
'A Royal House', manoeuvre (PSW), Arnolfini Live, Fishponds Housing Estate, Bristol.

'February 2nd', performance, Old Plaster Room, Dartington College of Art, Devon.
'Fortress Europe no.81', photo-text, Versus magazine (4).
'IX', sculptural works, with Ian Gregory, Spacex, Exeter.
'Forum', manoeuvre, Brutus Bridge, Totnes, Devon.
'Relocations', manoeuvre, The Peace Process, Ferens, Hull.
'Entartete Kunst', photo-text, Art Criticism & Theory journal.
'Walks On Water', manoeuvre, Still Water, Leeds City Art Gallery.
'Luna Mare Muscoviae', readings, Morden Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne.
'Dislocation, Friern: a common treasury', manoeuvre with Camerawork/MIND in Camden, Friern Hospital, London.

'One & The Same', readings, The Spuggies are Fledged, Morden Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne.
'A Weave', readings, Morden Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne.
'Dislocation, In Sanitorium', manoeuvre, Camerawork, London.
'Crusade', manoeuvre, (Jarrow, Chester-le-Street, Ferryhill, Darlington, Northallerton, Ripon, Harrogate, Leeds, Wakefield, Barnsley,Chesterfield, Northampton, Bedford, Luton, St.Albans, Edgware, Marble Arch, House of Commons, Camerawork, London.The Jarrow Festival, Bede Gallery, South Tyneside.

'Emporium manoeuvre', Camerawork (residency),
'A Cut', manoeuvre, Royal London Hospital Camerawork, London.
'I Sight/Death Site', performance, Winchester School of Art.
'Islands', manoeuvre, Exeter School of Art, Plymouth University.
'Work in Faith, Faith in Work', manoeuvre, Summer Collection, South London Gallery, London.
,A Bradford Atlas: Lost Empires/Salt Air, Salt March/Industrial Steps, manoeuvres, Gallery One, Bradford.

'Lines of Desire', manoeuvres, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.
'The Street', manouevre, Souvenirs, Museum Street, London.
'Academic Diary', edition of 6 artists books, Multiples, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin.
'Fortress Europe', photographs, l'Hippodrome de Douai, Douai, France.

'Rough Guide to Brindleplace', 5 manoeuvres, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
'Manifest', Publication marking the 1 50th anniversary of the
Communist Manifesto with Geoff Cox, Richard McKeever and Damian Brennan. Working Press with support from Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust.
'Manifest', Installation for Rich Mix festival, London.
'Manifest', co-design of Manifest website browser with Ade Ward and Geoff Cox.
'Prospectus', Guidebook for Norbury Park/Mole Valley Gap, Surrey County Council. UK.
'Walk', contribution to artist xerox book 297x210 for Arthur R Rose Gallery. Exhibited at Firestation Studios Dublin, Ireland.

'Moon-Walk', book-work, 297x210, Arthouse, Dublin, Ireland.
'My Sisters Record Collection' process-sculpture, As It Is, Ikon, Birmingham UK
'Arcus', manoeuvre, Temple Bar Gallery & studio, Dublin, Ireland.
'Shepherds of Arcadia', manoeuvre, Millennium Intervention Group, Pavillion, Leeds, UK.
'Manifest', Intermedia 2000, triskel arts centre, Cork, Ireland.
'Consistency', prepared book, In Consistency II, Arthouse, Dublin, Ireland.
'Triad', prepared books, Ikon Touring, Birmingham, UK
'Journal', performance writing, Mobile Library, London, UK
'Reading Capital' prepared book, You Are Here, Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK.

'Blood Eagle', wall-work, Post-Viral, 291 Gallery, London, UK.
'3 Manoeuvres', manoeuvres, Compton Verney. UK.
'Marginalia', prepared books, Day Tripper, The Stratford Gallery, Stratford. UK.
'All the Anthems of The Soviet Union' LP Sleeve, Record Collection, International 3, Manchester. UK.
'Monument to the First Constellation' installation with Gary Kirkham, Making History, Burton-on-Trent, UK.
http://www.angelacademy.co.uk with Gary Kirkham.
'My Wife's Book Collection', Bibliography, Bibliomania 2. http://www.bibliomania.org
'Not The MA in Curating', discursive performance, Project, Dublin, Ireland.
http://www.not-the-ma-in-curating.org web-work with Simon Morris, including: Rosse Yael Sirb, Andrea Phillips, Roman Vasseur, Esther Lydia Furley, Caitlin Ní Houlihan-Dickens, Amy Plant, Maurice O'Connell, Geoff Cox.
http://www.touringlondon.org web-work, InIVA.
'Journal' and 'The Fourth Front: Voices for Text, Text for Transmission', performance writings, Day of the Unread (Library of Unpublished Books), Waterstones, Picadilly, London, UK.
'We Live in an Economy, Not a Nation', newspaper work with Kathy McArdle, Transact 2/Museum in Progress, Der Standard, Austria.

'Curationism - The Nu-Curator as Performer', text-work in ed. Simon Morris Interpretation publisher: Information as Material.
'Das Rheingold', installation, Symptom of the Universe, Manchester, UK.
'Blackest Pool', text-work in ed. David Blamey Here, There, Elsewhere publisher: Black Dog.
'World Atlas', prepared book, Here, There, Elsewhere (exhibition), London Print Studio Gallery,UK.
'Sectoral Shit', sculpture/mail-art, Private Views, London Print Studio Gallery, UK.
'The Republic of Atlantis', discursive performance, New Visions 2, National Maritime Museum, London, UK. http://www.nmm.ac.uk
'Vinylarium' (Performing Northumbria), curationist display, Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland, UK
'Vinylarium' (Performing Northumbria), LP, Reg Vardy Gallery, PN001
'Ligne de Foi', manoeuvre, Chillington Hall, Staffordshire, UK
'Ligne de Foi', with Gérard Mermoz (Semiographics), publication: text, image, collage, typography.
'Peregrination #1' (Performing Northumbria) with Mike McHugh, St. Peter's Monkwearmouth, Sunderland to site of Hartlepool monastery, UK
'Curationism - The Nu-Curator as Performer', text-work, Strike Wolverhampton Art Gallery, UK
'The Antiquary' (Performing Northumbria), through Sunderland city centre, UK
'A Weave', Bishopsgate Institute to Bethnal Green Tube, as part of UEL symposium: Raphael Samuel's London UK
'A Phonic Track' (Performing Northumbria), through Backhouse Park, Sunderland, UK

'A Scrip' (Performing Northumbria), manoeuvre, Roker Beach to St.Peter's, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, UK, http://mysite.freeserve.com/scrip
'The Curationist Manifesto', text-work, Information as Material.
'Museum of Angels', manoeuvres, British Museum, London http://www.jamesputnam.org
'Museum of Angels: A Guide to the Winged Creatures in the British Museum', artist book, publisher: Gli Ori (launched at Venice Biennale, Italy, 2003).
'Being a Communication between Ash Brooke Tempel and the British Museum', texts, drawings, communications, Imaging London Houldsworth Fine Art, London, UK
'Radical Ramblers of Northumbria' (Performing Northumbria), manoeuvre, Sunderland to Cox Green, UK
'Radical Ramblers of Northumbria' (Performing Northumbria),, manoeuvre, Cox Green to Durham Cathedral, UK
'Being the Anticipated Journal of a Walk from Ash Brooke Tempel to Cairn T', texts/paper weight, Definitively Provisional Whitechapel Project Space, London.
'Vive L'Indifference' chapter contribution in Conversation Pieces: Pavel Büchler ed. Martin Vincent, publisher: i3
'Vive la Curationisme' Gustav Metzger Symposium Atlantis Gallery, London, UK
'Inside My Head: Theorem I' drawing, A Midsummer Night's Exhibition International 3, Manchester, UK
'Appian Manoeuvre: Platform#1' (Performing Northumbria), via Appia, Rome, Italy
'Appian Manoeuvre: Platform#2' (Performing Northumbria), York College Gallery, York, UK
'City of Angels' manoeuvre, Art Weekender, Sunderland, UK
'Mercator Manoeuvre' manoeuvre, The Royal Society of Geographers and British Society of Geographers, London.
'Performing Northumbria: Martin Brennan A&B' performance, Bromtom Cemetery, London.
'Performing Northumbria: A Red Shoe Diary' performance, Anti-Panto Floating IP, Manchester, UK.

'Peterlee Project 1976-2004' (by Stuart Brisley), Curation, Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland, UK.
'Performing Northumbria: A Black Box Manoeuvre', sculpture/archive, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland, UK.
'Performing Northumbria: A White Paper Tabled' sculptural performance/installation, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland, UK.
'Performing Northumbria: A Red Shoe Diary' performance, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland, UK.
'Performing Northumbria: A Red Shoe Diary #3' performance, ' Suicide of Objects Catalyst Arts, Belfast, UK.
'We Live in an Economy, Not a Nation', newspaper work with Kathy McArdle, Transact 2/Museum in Progress, Der Standard, Austria, ' Suicide of Objects Catalyst Arts, Belfast, UK.

Video Works
'On Movement & Matter' with Dean Brannagan
'In Activity' with Dean Brannagan,U-Matic/VHS, 14 mins.
'Centrale 4- In Transit' VHS 10 mins.
'Fortress Europe 57' VHS 15 mins.
'Entente Cordiale' with Gillian Dyson, VHS 2 mins.
'Indiscipline/Discipline', action for camera, interview with Hilary Keen, VHS 15 mins.
'Dislocation' VHS 15 mins.
'Transitions', with Matt Edgar, VHS/U-matic 20 mins.
'A Foreign Office/Fortress Europe 58' VHS 15 mins.
'A Banana Republic' VHS 45 mins.
'February 2nd' VHS 30 mins.

Audio works
'Fortress Europe 1-5 with Melissa Arnison Newgass.
'A Royal House' VHS 10 mins.


'Artworks', founder, with Simon Drury, Mark Hudson &John Wilson.
'The State Welfare Project', founder, with Simon Drury & Gillian Dyson.
'Human Performance Laboratory', founder, with Gillian Dyson, Alex New, Dean Brannagan
'Regroup', founder, with Gillian Dyson, Dean Brannagan
'Performance South West', founder, with Sally Tallant, Gillian Dyson, Sally Morgan & Janet Hand.
'Manoeuvre', members when necessary - Dean Brannagan, Gilian Dyson


'Dances With Wolves' ISBN 930043130
'Fortress Europe' ISBN 0 9517 693 0 8
'Fortress Europe No. 11-42' ISBN 2 904 538 32 1
'Guidebook' ISBN 1 871103 12 6
'Prospectus' ISBN 0 9534472 1 9
'The Impossibility of Art Education' ISBN 1 871103 13 4
'As It Is' ISBN 0 907594 68 9
'Manifest' ISBN 1 870736 48 6
'Independent Practices' ISBN 0 9538996 0 8
'Monograph: Tim Brennan' ISBN 0 9536765 4 4
'New Babylonians/Architectural Design' ISBN 0 471 49909 9
'Interpretation 2' ISBN 0 9536765 3 6.


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Articles by Tim Brennan

'The Cenotaph Proiect' Variant
'Mind The Gap' Performance no.56/57 (p.33)
'An Account of Stuart Brisley's Work: Bourgeois Manners no.2. Brute Force and Bloody lgnorance' The Video Guide, Projects UK.
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Pepinieres, Jeune Artistes Europeenes (Creative Curating) Paris, France
'Material Histories' The Impossibility of Art Education Middlesex University
'Discursive Performance' Writing and Making, Plymouth University, Exeter
'Rambling', Arnolfini, Bristol
'www.goldwalk.ac.uk' Living in a Material World, Coventry School of Art
Manchester Metropolitan University


'Centrale 4 - In Transit' Artistic Leader, W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Artists including: Dave Beech, Mark Hutchinson, Gareth James, Alison Marchant, Ulay, Maria Cook, Gillian Dyson, Dean Brannagan, Simon Drury.
'By-Products' Curator. Camerawork, London.
Artists including: Stuart Brisley, Stellarc, Bonnie Sherk, Carolee Schneemann, Paul McCarthy, Chris Burden, Dennis Oppenheim, Vito Acconci, Marina Abramovic, Gillian Dyson, Smith & Stewart, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Ann Whitehurst.
Deliverance Records. Director. A4E funding. Under his direction it has sought to bring North East bands to the attention of the music industry.
DLROO 1 Dropnose Creamy & Uncommonly Good
DLROOZ Burt Reynolds Five Extreme Acts of Tomfoolery
'Lines of Desire'Curator. Leeds City Art Gallery/Henry Moore Institute, Leeds. Guest Curator.
Artists including:
Pauline Vazelay, Tessa Robbins, Alison Wilding, Barabara Hepworth, Hamo Thornycroft, Richard Long, Robert Morris, Michael sandle, Tony Cragg, Stephen Cox, Barry Flannagan, Jacob Epstein, Tait Mackenzie, Gaudier-Brzeska, Glynn Williams, Eric Gill, Henry Moore, Antony Gormley, Kuhne Beveridge, Ivan Mestrovic, Uli Nimptsch, Joseph Beuys

Artistic Director, Arthouse Multimedia centre for the Arts, Dublin
Exhibitions and artists including:
'Inconsistency II'
Mick Wilson, Ian Whittlesea, Grace Weir, Alex Walsh, walker & Walker, Ronan McCrea, Caroline McCarthy, Marysia Lewandowska, Andrew Grassie, Mark Dickenson, Neil Cummings, Martin Creed, Roderick Buchanan, David Blamey
Shaun Ashton, David Blamey, Martin Clark, Matthew Higgs, Janice Kerbel, Doris Kroth, Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larson, Jasper Joseph-Lester, Jeremy Millar, Alan Murray, David Musgrave, Errol Perkins, Elizabeth Price, Karin Ruggaber, Stuart taylor, Matthew Thompson, Mark Titchner, Christopher Warmington, Ian Whittlesea, Marcus Vater
"'Do You Really Want It That Much?'-'More!'"
Johnathan Faiers, Roland Rust, Volker Eichelmann
'Voices From Erewyreve'
Stuart Brisley
Daniel Figgis
'Things We Do ­ OutArt 2000'
Garret Barry, Phil Collins, Pierre Yves Coulin, Nuno Alexander Ferreira, Andrew Fox, Fiona Mulholland, Deidre A. Power, Nairn Scott, Kaye Shumack
Dead Boys, Blondie, Talking Heads, Dead Kennedys, Heartbreakers, Offs, Lounge Lizards, Stilettos, Richard Hell, Voidoids, Ravelons, Iggy Pop, Levi & The Rockets, John cale, DNA, Bush Tetras, Pylon, Strange Party, Suburbs & Ballistic Kisses, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Contortions, James 'Blood' Ulmer, Sun Ra, Go-Go's, Suicide, Strange Party, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Raybeats, Buzz & The Flyers, Max Blagg & The Outsets, Bad Brains, Cheetah, Chrome & The Casualties
Cliona Harmey
Artists from Prisons ­ Ireland/Poland
Paul Murhaghan
Stuart Brisley, Grace Weir, Saoirse Higgins
'Virtual Urban'
Aisling O'Beirn & Marjetica Potrc

Curator of Talks & Critical Events, Project, Dublin
Conversations as Art including:
'Celtic Tiger ­ First Animal To Die'
'Critical Clubbing'
'Speed Limits'
'Seven Days For New Thinking'
"Roman Vasseur '500lbs of Common Earth'"
'A Discourse on Greed & Grace'
'Not The MA in Curating''
'Arcades Project Reading Group'
'Artist on a Train'

From 1995-99 Brennan was a member of Burt Reynolds Five.
In 1999 he was working with London based band Blunt.

'Extreme Acts of Tomfoolery', Burt Reynolds Five EP (CD: DLROOZ)
'Radio One Sound City' Compilation CD (Burt Reynolds Five)
'Underground '98 Fanzine Convention' Compilation CD (Burt Reynolds Five)

'Sonic Irrigation', Blunt EP (CD: BLOO1)