Dave Beech




1990-1993                   MA degree by thesis

Royal College of Art


1985-1988                   BA (Hons) Fine Art (2:1)

Leicester Polytechnic



Employment History:


2000-present               Senior Lecturer, Fine Art as Social Practice.

University of Wolverhampton


1999-2001                   Visiting Lecturer, MA Fine Art

Chelsea College of Art & Design


Visiting Lecturer, BA Fine Art

                 Westminster University


1995-2001                             Tutor, Modern European Art

Educational Programmes Abroad


1999, 94 & 95              Tutor, A316: Modern Art Practices and Debates

Open University Summer School


1998 & 92-95               Tutor, Introduction to Art History

Birkbeck Extra-Mural College


1995                            Tutor, Foundation Course

London Guildhall University


Lecturer, Contemporary Art Theory option, BA (Hons) Photography

London College of Printing


1992-1994                   Lecturer, BA and MA Art History

Birkbeck College



Selected exhibitions/projects:


2003              Strolling Into History in Artranspennine 03

                      (public art project sited on a route between Liverpool and Hull)


                      Single channel video work by artists based in Manchester, Lowry Gallery, Manchester

                      (DVD sampler)


                Thermo 03, Lowry Gallery, Manchester


                   PureScreen, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester


      Stretching the Truth, Edinburgh

(solo exhibition as part of the Tag Team Experiment series, curated by Billy McColl)


Frozen Tears: the Word is Flesh

Book project edited/curated by John Russell, pub. Article Press, 2003 ISBN 1873352689


2002                Tensionism, Perry Street Rove Gallery, New York.


Daily News

Newspaper curated by Alexandra Mir for Greengrassi Gallery, London and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York.


The Anthology of Art

An internet-based platform for dialogue between 312 international artists and theorists, for Ars Electronica, Linz


Strike, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

(curated by Gavin Wade)


Small Gold Medal

Project for Bookworks curated by Elizabeth Price

Pub. Bookworks, 2001, ISBN 1 870699 47 5


2001                Dear Sarah, Project Space, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

(solo exhibition)


WHAT’SWRONG? The Trade Apartment, London.

Exhibition in which I asked over 80 leading international contemporary artists and writers to respond to the question ‘what’s wrong?’ 


T.H.I.N.K., Institut for Nutidskunst, Copenhagen.


2000                Watch Out For the Agoraphobic Saviours of Mankind, FLAG gallery, London (solo exhibition curated by Gavin Wade)


History Lessons Kunstaus, Bregenz

(curated by Pete Lewis)

With full colour publication. LKW Kunst in der Stadt -4- ISBN 3-88375-444-7


Dot, 5 Teesdale Yard, London and the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

(curated by Elizabeth Price)

With publication Pub? ISBN?


1999                Seven Wonders of the World

Exhibition/publication curated/edited by Matthew Higgs for Bookworks

Pub. Bookworks date, ISBN?


Curated show within a show for Bank’s Dog-U-Mental exhibition, Galerie Pooh-Pooh, London.


Thud Thud Thud ,Conductors Hallway, London

(two-person exhibition with David Burrows)


Bank TV, Dog, London.


Dog’s Breath, Bricks and Kicks gallery, Vienna

(curated by John Roberts)


Cocaine Orgasm, Bank, London.

(curated by Bank)


Zombie Golf, Bank, London

(curated by Bank)


Selected writing


Edited Art, Politics & Resistance?, a special issue of Third Text journal, Vol 16, Issue 4, No 6 ISSN 0952-8822


Video Purified of Television (co-written with John Beagles)

in Variant Magazine Autumn 2003, no.18 


Wrote and presented Video Art, TV programme for OU/BBC


The Philistine Controversy (co-written and co-edited with John Roberts)

Pub. Verso, 2002 ISBN 1859848427


Cultural Bulimia (co-written with John Beagles)

in Variant magazine, No. 16, Winter 2002, pp10-11 ISSN 0954-8815


Review of A. Danto’s The Wake of Art: Criticism, Philosophy and the End of Taste in Historical Materialism, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp255-266 ISSN


Essay for Jeremy Deller’s Life is to Blame for Everything: Collected Work & Projects 1992-99, pub. Salon 3, 1999 ISBN 0953745600


Catalogue essay for Georgina Starr, “The Bunny Lake Collection” at Artiglierie Arsenale, Castello, Venice. Reprinted in “The Bunny Lakes”, London, 2002, ISBN 0-9532458-1-0


Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

in Control magazine issue no.16, 2001, pp22-25


Barthes, Barthes and Barthes in Gymnasion. Catalogue pub.Bregenzer Kunstverein,


Interview with Victor Burgin (co-written with Pete Lewis) in Gymnasion. Catalogue pub. Bregenzer, Kunstverein,


Interview with Bank

in Untitled magazine issue 25, Summer 2001, pp13-15 ISSN 0969-9716


Interview with Jeremy Deller

in Untitled magazine issue 25, Summer 2001, pp10-12 ISSN 0969-9716


Public Art After Virtue in Public Art Journal


Catalogue essay for Secession 1999: Annika Strom, in conversation with Ina Blom. Secession, Vienna, 1999 ISBN 3-901926-10-0


Video After Diderot in Art Monthly.issue no 225. ISSN 0142-6702


Interview with Keith Tyson

in Everything magazine, issue no. 2:3, ISSN 1361-7699


Tolerating Impurities (co-written with John Roberts) in New Left Review, issue, 227, Jan/Feb 1998 ISSN 0028-6060


Getting Carried Away in Variant magazine issue no.1 1996 ISSN 0954-8815


Spectres of the Aesthetic (co-written with John Roberts)

in New Left Review, issue 228, July/August 1996 ISSN 0028-6060


Chill Out in Everything magazine issue no. 20, 1996 ISSN 1361-7699


Chapter, Another Failure to Understand the Work of Francis Picabia in Art Has No History!, pub. Verso, 1994, ISBN 0860914577


Peer review

§      Review of Group Shows Are a Waste of Time, Catherine Grant, Flash Art, October 2003, p54 ISSN 0015-3524

§      Review of Artranspennine03, Neil Mulholland, Frieze, Issue 79, Nov/Dec 2003, p92 ISSN 110334

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Mark Hutchinson Of Monsterology in Occupational Hazard: critical writing on recent British art pub. Black Dog Publishing pp 142-169, 1998 ISBN 0-9521773-8-2

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·       Review Thud Thud Thud, Robert Garnett, Art Monthly, No. 201 ISSN 0142-6702





§      Chair of Public?, a ‘sweatshop’ panel discussion at the Serpentine Gallery, London

§      Vandals and Philistines, head-to-head talk with Nigel Warburton at Tate Britain organised by Lisa Le Feuvre

§       Member of Advisory Board for Article Press

§       Selection Panel for About Belief South London Gallery, London

§       Regular contributor to Art Monthly magazine

§       Director of Floating IP Gallery, Manchester