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July 29. - August 9. 2007
/// Workshop and Exhibition

Participants: Ingrid Book & Carina Hedén (NO), Amy Plant/ (UK), Frauke Hehl/workstation ideenwerkstatt Berlin e. V. (D), Sakshi Gupta/Sandarbh artists workshops (India), Nis Rømer, Andrea Creutz, Lise Skou/Fieldwork (DK, SE), Siraj Izhar/ecosXchange (UK), Anna Barth/Body-Memory and Environment (D), Johanna Häger/Permacultur Akademie (D), Juliane Rudloff/Permacultur Centrum Berlin (D), Åsa Sonjasdotter/Potato Perspective (SE), Laor Paphonsak, Nuntasakun Tepparit /The Land Foundation/(THAI), Søssa Jørgensen, Geir Tore Holm /Sørfinnset skole - the nordland (NO), Ulrike Solbrig, Dorothee Albrecht, Jole Wilcke (D)/UNWETTER

WORKSHOP, July 29 – August 2, 2007, Sparwasser Berlin.
EXHIBITION; July 29 – August 9th (tbc)
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Organised by: Åsa Sonjasdotter, Ulrike Sobrig and Nis Rømer

“...It is to be hoped that the development of the three types of eco logical praxis outlined here [social, mental and environmental ecology] will lead to a reframing and a recomposition of the goals of emancipatory struggles. And let us hope that, in the context of the new deal, of the relation between capital and human activity, ecologists, feminists, antiracists etc. will make it an immediate major objective to target the modes of projection of subjectivity, that is of knowledge, culture, sensibility and sociability that come under an incorporeal value system at the root of the new productive assemblages.” Félix Guattari on social, mental and environmental ecology in “The Three Ecologies”, (1989)

A workshop for cultural practitioners working with modes of self-empowerment and sustainability. With this project, we will gather people who work with an awareness of how the shaping of livelihoods reflects political, economical and cultural power structures, and who, through engagement in this subject, have developed positions and strategies of criticality within their praxis. The workshop is open to any participant, not only those explicitly invited, to share their experiences within the field.

The discussions will be documented on this website and accompanied by an exhibition at Sparwasser - Offensive for Contemporary Art and Communication in Berlin.

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