Sunday, July 22. at 6 pm to 10 pm
Skype video dinner with alt.SPACE Festival 2007, London
in Sparwasser HQ with Berlin guests
Jole Wilcke (UNwetter), Benno Gammerl (UNwetter), Dominic Hislop (Big Hope), Heimo Lattner (General Public), Lise Nellemann (Sparwasser HQ) and friends

here is a brief intro text:
by co-organisator Oliver Wunsch

This theme engages with both recent and historical tendencies to expand the notion of practices (artistic or otherwise) where production becomes inseparable from dissemination, where channels of distribution and communication are themselves the subject of active and critical engagement.

Invited guests who take up this concern in their practice, exploring critical models and ways of producing and curating, will guide these events. Collectively, we will attempt to investigate and localise alternative forms of dissemination that are based on local initiatives and specific struggles.

We will consider potential linkages across such practices without succumbing to generalization, universalization and meta-networking. Our hope is that through these discussions, we can begin to map out a set of relations based on notions of nomadism, peripatetics and minor forms of dissemination rather than the totalizing figures that tend to dictate the ways in which sociality, alliance and alignment emerge and are sustained.

A two day event will take place at Gasworks, starting on the 21st with a breakfast and informal discussion of issues relating to dissemination, the revolutionary and the radical. This will be followed, in the evening, by a series of papers and presentations.

The following day we will start with a reading group based on an interview of Jean Oury followed by a three course skype dinner with collaborators who have set up parallel events in three different cities in Europe and the Unites States.

Few more infos: and the festival