Contributors to Jesper Alvaer´s work Logic of


Yoshitaka Mori Kitakyushu
Relationship between Power and Composition of Space
Video by Keiichi Miyagawa and Kazuhiro Tanaka
(Japanese, 50 Min)

Vladislav Sofronov- Moscow
Logic of Exchange
Video by David Ter-Oganian
(Russian, 49 MIn)

Ross Birrell -Glasgow
The Gift of Terror: Suicide-Bombing as Potlach
Video version from article, arranged by Dominic
(English, 41 Min)

Vaclav Cilek - Prague
The Gift of Atmosphere
Video by J. Alvaer
(English, 13 Min)

Jan Sokol -Prague
Rights and Obligations
Video by J. Alvaer
(English, 23 Min)

Dmytri Kleiner -Berlin
Venture Communism
Dmytri Kleiner, David Rych, Tanja Ostojic
Copyleft Idiosyntactix, all rights detourned.
(English, 46 Min)