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Anthony Marcellini (Gothenburg, Sweden)

______project: Berlin: Open Your Windows!

Media: Public Performance
Dimensions/duration: variable
Year: 2010


"The moment finally arrives...Oh, come, don't be late."*

Berlin: Open Your Windows is a project using open apartment windows as platforms for a series of temporary public declarations. From these windows a trained opera singer projected sung declarations in German regarding the city of Berlin to the passersby below. These declarations were presented from apartments in several distinct neighborhoods throughout Berlin: Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte and Prenzlauerberg. The content of each declaration is based on details specific to each neighborhood; drawn from interviews with tenants, news stories, historical and literary references, and the artist's own personal impressions and reflections on this city.

*Susanna's recitative and aria from Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Thank you to Emily Dirks for lending her sonorous voice.


Berlin: Open Your Windows! has been made possible through a residency at Sparwasser HQ.



Berlin: Open Your Windows! February 25th: Kreuzberg /// Lausitzer Straße
Performance: 4pm



Berlin: Open Your Windows! February 26th: Friedrichshain /// Weserstraße
Performance: 6:30pm



Berlin: Open Your Windows! February 26th: Mitte /// Linienstraße
Performance: 12am



Berlin: Open Your Windows! February 27th: Prenzlauerberg /// Kastanienallee
Performance: 3pm



Anthony Marcellini is an artist and writer. From 2000-2004 Anthony co-founded and directed the artists collaborative It Can Change, a collective which produced art, interventions, and performances in public and private sites. From 2004-2007 Anthony was the Curatorial Assistant at the non-profit gallery Art in General. His practice is based around examining the politics of the creative act. He is especially interested in words, gestures and actions, which expand our understanding of freedom and redefine our human behavior.

For more information about Anthony Marcellini please check his website.