"freunde und bekannte"
(von Stefan Schuster)

photos from the opening night

1. - 23. Februar

Sparwasser HQ, torstraße 161, berlin-mitte

øystein aasan matthew antezzo michael baers matti blind wolfgang breuer matt burbidge kerstin cmelka ann cotten geoffrey garrison april gertler robert gfader maurus gmür manuel gorkiewicz catherine griffiths lise harlev bertram hasenauer gregor hildebrandt karl holmquist sofia hulten jakob jensen andreas koch jakob kolding xana kudrjavcev alicja kwade heimo lattner deborah ligorio søren lose antonia low chiara minchio ulrik möller andrea pichl michalis pichler lucy powell marc räder daniel rees yorgos sapountzis albrecht schäfer cornelia schmidt-bleek stefan schuster thomas seidemann tommy støckel tove storch jaro straub wolf von kries matt willard pernille kapper williams alexander wolff christine würmell haegue yang sibylle zeh


Rhizomatic Networks often form the basis for artist-run spaces, apartment galleries, and other self-organized art spaces. While in these areas it is relatively widespread and accepted to rummage through one's own address book in search of collaborators, this practice is also (always) engaged in by institutions and established curators in the art world, except there one attempts to secretly conceal this fact behind theoretical concepts.

Common Ground
In the previous exhibition, pimp my walls, which Stefan Schuster organized last year in his empty apartment, the only element connecting the 50 different artists and artistic positions represented was their acquaintance with the exhibition organiser. Certainly this type of temporary use is not a rare phenomenon, especially in Berlin. However a quality emerges in the non-curated exhibition, which is capable of representing an aesthetic common ground.

Friendly Take Over
Taking its cue from Stefan Schuster's exhibition, Sparwasser HQ has invited the 50 artists to temporarily use the exhibition space on Torstrasse.