Tuesday, February 6th from 7 pm to 11 pm

Evening event with Performance and Video-screening:

Francesca Grilli, Stefania Pedretti

Curated by Francesca Cogoni
Coordinator and Project-Assistant at Sparwasser HQ

Main room 8 pm – 9 pm (ca. 50´)
Performance by
?Alos (Stefania Pedretti


Basement 7 pm – 11 pm
Video-screening by
Francesca Grilli


Francesca Grilli, Arriverà e ci coglierà di sorpresa
photo by Hugo Muñoz
courtesy of Galleria Civica di Trento

Francesca Grilli, 194.9 MHz, courtesy of the artist


LINKS: Francesca Grilli and Stefania Pedretti

The video artist and performer Francesca Grilli (1978, Bologna, Italy) will present two of her latest works: Arriverà e ci coglierà di sorpresa, a video documentation of a performance presented at the International Prize for Performance (Centrale di Fies – Trento, Italy) in 2006, and 194.9 MHz (digital video, 2006, 5’ 22). Both works are based on memories, which are elaborated and shaped by Francesca Grilli according to her own personal vision, in order to create an alteration of space and time, a sort of “transfiguration of the everyday life”, permeated by the interest in displaying “situations where strength and fragility coexist”, as the artist herself declares.

The musician and visual artist Stefania Pedretti (1976, Vigevano, Italy), member of the female performance group Allun and of the indie-noise band OVO, will appear as her alter-ego Signorina ?Alos and show her culinary-musical performance ?Alos - One Girl Cooking Music, in which the audience will be engaged in a multisensorial experience and fascinated by her versatile talents. Halfway between concert and theatre, the performance focuses on the idea of “stealing private moments and making them public”.

The performance will be followed by a presentation of ?Alos’s first video Sola! (2006), shot with the support of Francesca Grilli. Representing a more private version of the artist’s public performance, the video Sola! comes after several years of friendship and artistic collaboration between Stefania Pedretti and Francesca Grilli, who since their first meeting in Milan have been involved in various common projects and exhibitions in Italian art galleries and cultural spaces.

Awarded second prize for “the capacity to evoke a sense of solitude and abandonment in a poetic way with the inventive use of the space and timing”, Arriverà e ci coglierà di sorpresa (Eng.: It will come and take us by surprise) deals with themes of ageing and the approach of death. The viewer is introduced to a pair of elderly ballroom dancers that move along a dark, empty hall under a flood light, moving to the rhythm of various melodies. Meanwhile, a huge projection of a bright coloured dance hall is shown in the background. As the artist herself states, this project “comes from a memory, a common scenario in the area where she grew up, Emilia, and part of her family history”. The aim of Francesca Grilli is to point out the vitality and fascinating appearance of the two characters rather than remark on their old age – as if they could dance on and on with persisting devotion, facing the ghost of the passing of time, until finally, death arrives (as the title suggests). “I’ve always thought that death was just an idea. I like to think of death and of growing old only as a constant illusion of life, as if they will never come. As if you never see the end” says the artist concerning her work.

194.9 MHz is the final action/reaction result of a series of interviews made by Francesca Grilli with all members of her family. After her initial introspective research oriented to making closer family connections, she drew inspiration from an episode of her father’s life. 194.9 MHz thus focuses on the relation between the artist and her father, Franco (the title, indicating a radio frequency, refers to her father’s birth year). The voice-over narration in the video is in fact that of the artist’s original interview with her father. It recounts a painful childhood trauma, when after his little brother’s death, Franco’s mother forbid listening to the radio at home. Drawing on this memory, Francesca Grilli created a performance in which, with a radio antenna on her back, she climbed a mountain (which in a metaphorical sense for her represents stability and eternity) till the top, where she finally placed the antenna. As the artist has declared, behind this performative work is the intent “to assign art and narration the roles of therapy and gift”, the attempt to find a “possibility to deal with so painful an issue in a constructive way”.

In the performance One Girl Cooking Music, ?Alos presents herself as a “lonely, unlucky, romantic and dreamer-woman” – a character who grew out of characters in Stefania Pedretti´s painted works in 2003. ?Alos is indeed the mirror image of the word of “sola”, which means “alone” in Italian. The scars on her face and the welts that cover her body recall experiences from her past (thus in Stefania Pedretti´s work as well, the surfacing of memories plays a substantial role). Moreover though, these “blemishes” stand for a critique of the current prevailing aesthetic sense characterized by the pursuit of beauty at any cost. Beauty could also coincide with a wound, a particular imperfection, the artist wants to remind us.
The audience is offered the complete act of cooking a vegetarian candlelight dinner and invited to follow step by step the preparation of the meal. All this is accompanied by a musical performance in which ?Alos sings and plays the guitar in her unique and fascinatingly personal style.
The main purposes of this ironic performance are to parody stereotypes of the female condition, and to carry the audience into a parallel dimension by stimulating the viewers’ subconscious. According to Stefania Pedretti, “another world exists beyond ours, a world hidden inside every mirror". One Girl Cooking Music is the first in a series of performances in which the artist will question typical female roles, activities and duties.

The Glowing Whistle Festival

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By utilizing the exhibition space as a stage to accommodate moments of authenticity - or a scripted choreography of ideas - we suggest with the festival to look at different artistic positions working within performance and other 'staged' productions.


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