(the amateur view)

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December 8. 2000 - January 13. 2001


Roberto Cuoghi (1973)
Lara Favaretto (1973)
Diego Perrone (1970)
Patrick Tuttofuoco (1974)

Curated by Luca Cerizza

The figure of the amateur, proceeding by trial and error to redefine rules and systems: the sphere of spontaneous approximations, the "gratuitous" expenditure of energies, the precursor of all formalization. The metaphoric space of action by the bricoleur, the dilettante, the neophyte. Teamwork: the intrinsic expression of a mass of human energies, of a collection of histories and personal utopias, not yet influenced by the logic of utility or professional gain To the Italian artists who make up the "Fai da te" exhibition, these are recurring themes.

Roberto Cuoghi's cartoon is a cruel parade of strange and hybrid creatures, created by the artist from a fusing of famous cartoon characters. These freak creatures are drawn in an inexperienced hand and allude, perhaps, with bitter self-irony, to a biographical origin.

Videos by Diego Perrone and Lara Favaretto are the faithful records of two processes, two prolonged efforts, in each of which rules are adopted initially, then continuously redefined and rediscovered as part of the processes themselves. In the video by Perrone, a friend of the artist attempts to build a hut from wood, reeds, and leaves. The subject follows laws that are apparently inexplicable to the "rational" mind. In the video by Favaretto, a collective effort is made to lift two donkeys and to replace them in a simple geometric formation. The picture of an amateur chorus by Favaretto also suggests the principle of collective action, organizing different energies in a common project.

Similarly, the work of Patrick Tuttofuoco documents the construction of an incoherent and colorful skyscraper by the artist and four others. The group uses various tools, procedures, and materials. The coexistence of ideas and experiences is symbolized by convergence of their efforts into a single physical form.