Tuesday, October 9th at 8 PM

Specialists Talk:

Russell Martin: Artelier

Visual artist Russell Martin will be talking about his work with Artquest, the advice and information service for London-based visual artists and craftspeople. Of particular interest is Artquest's forthcoming Artelier project, a website for artists to arrange peer-to-peer temporary international studio swaps, to launch in winter 2007/2008. Access to Artelier is available through email invitation by Artquest's partners - including Sparwasser HQ and around 30 other international artist run galleries, studio groups and organisations, in Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen, Australia, London, Budapest, Ljubljana, Warsaw, Bucharest, Turin, Istanbul, Rome and around the rest of the world. Once a member, any visual artist can invite their friends and colleagues to take part, mirroring established social networking sites but following up these links with real-life visits to art scenes around the world.