Fucking Good Art

Artist/Editors/publisher: Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma
Format: A3 folded into A5 on pink paper / Gazzetta dello Sport
Language: Contributors write in their own language / mainly dutch but also in english, german.

First issue: december 2003, FGA#1
Place: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Price: Free / Special editions: 10 euro
Frequency: bimonthly
Website address: www.fuckinggoodart.nl
e-mail: mail@fuckinggoodart.nl

Short description/editorial statement:
Since publishing our first issue we are working together on Fucking Good Art. Fucking Good Art is a zine for reflection and art critique published in print and online, about local and international cultural happenings, screenings, exhibitions and other art events, written in direct language. We invite friends; artists, filmmakers, curators, to write reviews, comments, observations in direct-style. Fucking Good Art is a midium for reflection and an instrument for mapping the art world, positioning ourself as an openminded observer rather than a theorist.

Fucking Good Art has the potential to function as a traveling editorial team: In november
2004 we made the Fucking Good Art Münich edition (FGA#6 German/English) as part of the exhibition Teasing Minds in Kunstverein München. Fucking Good Art – The Interviews (FGA#10) was made in the framework of the exhibition ‘Project Rotterdam’ which took place in the summer of 2005 in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. For this issue we interviewed the major cultural player in Rotterdam. Our 12th issue Fucking
Good Art – International edition / Berlin (FGA#12 – Eng/Ger) was made during a three months residency in PS Berlin of Fonds BKVB. It explores Berlin's cultural life and international aspirations in the arts in a mixture of articles, interviews, a crimi, reviews, and commissioned art works. Our participation in the exhibition Wild Capital / Wildes Kapital at Kunsthaus Dresden resulted in our 13th issue and focus on the rich history
and position of the academy with a great tradition of Casper David Friedrich, Otto Dix, Kokoschka, Richter, A.R.Penck, Baselitz and Kerbach, to name a few. Fucking Good Art is distributed by us and contributors as hand-out and is available in bookshops through episode-publisher.

FGA#7 was reprinted in 5000 copies and distributed as an insert in the dutch art magazine MetropolisM: issue februari/march 2005 - Lokaal. We will continue this collaboration on an irregular basis, and at the same time we will also look for other art magazines to enlarge our distribution network. These different ways of distribution are of vital importance for the understanding and meaning of the Fucking Good Art.
Nienke Terpsma

Artist/designer based in Rotterdam
Academie Beeldende Kunsten Arnhem – Fine Arts: Painting and Photography
Werkplaats Typografie Arnhem (2e fase/ MA-master)

Robert Hamelijnck
Artist/editor based in Rotterdam
Landscape architecture
Academie Beeldende Kunsten Arnhem – Design: Art and Public Space / Urban design
Documentaire video

Selection exhibitionist /presentations:
>Every story tells a Picture, SparwasserHQ Berlijn
>Publish and be Damned, London
>Unravelling Rotterdam, Witte de With Rotterdam, Artist Talks
>Wild Capital / Wildes Kapital, Kunsthaus Dresden, FGA#13 – Dresden edition
>FGA#12, Fucking Good Art – International edition / Berlin, launch bookshop
ProQM Berlijn and DePlayer Rotterdam
>DOWDOS-Dialogues of Winter, Discourses of Spring, Art Talks in SparwasserHQ
>Publish and be Damned, CASCO Utrecht
>Project Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, FGA#10 – The Interviews
>Publish and be Damned, London
>Printing Matters, KIOSK in Witte de With Rotterdam
>Teasing Minds, Kunstverein München. (FGA#6), Special München edition of Fucking
Good Art
>Pong-Us vs Them, installation in artist-run space De Melksalon/Tis2 Arnhem.
>Traveling Magazine Table, organised by Nomads and Residents in Art in General,
New York.
>Publish and be Damned, Cubitt London. Curators Emily Pethick and Chris
Hammonds. Exhibition design by Pablo Leon de la Barra. Presentation of
independent/micro-publishing, with international art magazines and self published
zines etc.
> Release first issue Fucking Good Art (FGA#1) in December 2003
>Christoph Merian Stiftung – iAAB, Basel, 1 October / 31 December
>ProjectStudio Berlijn – Fonds BKVB, 1 October / 31 December