Born 1970 in Denmark.
 Lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.
 Viktoriagade 24,2.th.
 Denmark1655 Kbh. V.
 Tel. (45) 33 25 04 88
 Mobile. (45) 27 21 04 88
 e-mail: e@katyasander.net
 1999-00 The Whitney Independent Study Program, New York.
 1994-99 The Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Copenhagen: Department for Media Art.
 1992-94 The Royal Academy for Fine Arts: School of Architecture.
 1990-97 University of Copenhagen: Literature & Cultural Studies.
 Solo exhibitions & projects:
 2004 "Match" (with Andrea Geyer), Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Denmark.
 2003 "In 2053 Malm­ will no longer be Swedishî, Rooseum, Malm­", Sweden.
 2002 "Double Cinema" (Open studio) ISCP, New York.
  Collaboration with architects and planners on designing a new part of the city Roskilde. Construction start: April, 2003.
 2001 Studio & research recidency, Rooseum, Malm­, Sweden.
  "Safety Graffitti" for 9 1/5 Castles, in Esl­v, Sweden.
  "Recorders", (with Francois Bucher) Location One, New York.
  "Temporary Occupations and Other Double Binds" (with Alex Villar), Halle_f¸r_Kunst, L¸neburg, Germany (Cat.).
  "Vollsmose and the paintingof balconies" for CUDI Centre for Urban Dialogue and Information, Odense, Denmark.
  "Outerplace/Who is the Austronaut?"Lichthaus Bremen (with Alex Villar), Bremen, Germany (Cat. under production).
  Leipzig Kunsthalle (grant, residency & show), Germany.
  "Languages of 82%", Galleri Tommy Lund, Copenhagen, Denmark.
 2000 "All of the Houses in the Area...", Whitney ISP, Open Studios. New York, USA.
 1999 "Safety Guarantee", Akershus Kunstnersenter, Oslo, Norway.
 1998 "Fredstidsbenyttelse" (Safetyguarantee), at MFKOKM, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "Withinwithout" (with Karin Lind) at Galleri Tommy Lund, Odense, Denmark.
 1996 "Evening Piece", Galleri Campbells Occasionally, Copenhagen, Denmark.
 1995 "Double Feature" (with Andrea Creutz and Gunvor Vibe Pedersen) at Globeís,Copenhagen(Denmark).
 Selected group exhibitions:
 2004 "Blind Date II", Contemporary Art Space, Tokyo, Japan (Cat.).
 2003 "EfterÂrsudstillingen", Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark (Cat.).
  "Spaces of Valecies", Bratislava, Slovakia.
  "Appropriated Spaces",Wolfsburg Kunstverein, Wolfsburg, Germany (Cat.).
  "www.WOMEN2003.org", billboardproject in Scandinavia.
  "Feast/Hospitality", Rum46, Aarhus, Denmark.
 2002 "Rent-a-bench", Los Angeles (Cat.).
  "Esplanaden II", Charlottenborg, Denmark (Cat.).
  "Social Sectors", Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria (Cat.).
  "The Collective Unconscious", MIGROS Museum, Zurich, Switzerland.
  "Blind Date I", dialogue exhibition-project. Brandts KlÊdefabrik, Odense, Denmark (Cat.).
 2001 "Young Nordic Art Biennial", G­teborg, Sweden (Cat.).
  "3rd sector (with Women at Bars)", Wolfsburg Kunsthalle and Leipzig Kunsthalle, Germany (Cat.).  
  "Madsned Fortet (in an old military defence building)", Denmark (Cat.).
  "Get That Balance", (with LAB), Hamburg, Germany.
  "Quality Street", Galleri Tommy Lund, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "Take Off", Generational exhibition at Aarhus Art Museum. rhus, Denmark (Cat.).  
  "Esplanaden I", Kunsthallen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "alt. exhibition to The Havana", Bienial 2000, Havana, Cuba.
 2000 "EfterÂrsudstillingen" with the group "Women at bars" at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark (Cat.).
  "AUSSENDIENST", at Hamburg Kunsthalle, a (city)site-specifik show in Hamburg, Germany (Cat.)
  "Century of Innocence - The History of the White Monocrome", at Rooseum, Malm­, Sweden (Cat.).
  "The North", Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria (Cat.).
  "Momentum - Biennale for recent Nordic art (with Francois Bucher)", Moss, Norway.
  "Models of Resistance", Overgaden, organized by GLOBE. Copenhagen / Gothenburg, DK / S.
  "ArtGenda (with Christina Prip)", Helsinki, Finland (Cat.).
  "Art Primeur", Dordrecht, The Netherlands (Cat.).
 1999 "LAB - because you deserve it", with the group LAB at Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "Someone to watch..." in videoprogram at the National Gallery for Fine Art, Copenhagen, Denmark (Cat.).
  "Kahve & Kul¸p", in StreetSharks Biennalen, K­rners Kontor. Cph. Denmark (Cat.).
  "24 Heures De Luxe" , B&B Unlimited, at Hotel Scribe, Paris, France.
 1998 "Who's the Doctor?", (with the group "Women Down the Pub" : Andrea Creutz, Kirstine Roepsdorff, sa Sonjasdotter), at Kvinfo, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "Boomerang", Nikolaj - Copenhagen Exhibition Space for Contemporary Art, Denmark (Cat.).
  "Nuit Blanche" (in video program, with LAB) MusÈe de L'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France (Cat.).
 1996 "D.I.Y. ñ Mapping & Instructions", Bricks and Kicks, Vienna, Austria (Cat.).
  "Abstract 96, by Saga Basement", Forum, Malm­. Sweden.
 Artists Newsletter, AN, Jan. 2003, article by Lars Bang Larsen.
 Art Forum, January 2001: "Hamburg -Aussendienst", review by Wolf Jahn.
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 Own writing:
 2003 "just before invisibility", manuscript for the conference "Before Invisibility".
 2001 "revolutions per. minute, (with Ashley Hunt)", text for "Suroundings Surrounded", MIT Press.
  "As the wind outside shifts", in a book about Olafur Eliasson, Published by Dundee CCA.
 2000 "All of the Houses in the Area..." in a catalog for Century of Innocence, Rooseum, Malm­, Sweden.
  "Michael, Doris, Aurelio, Ann-Karina, Christine og Lisa, Per, Ole Preben og...", in "SÂ er det sagt, nu er det nok" a book about feminism, published by Rosinante.
 1999 "Det m s vÊre udfordringen", in catalog for Street Sharks, Published by K­rners Kontor, Copenhagen.
  "Kunst om rum og rum om kunst, Periskop #", research publication, University of Copenhagen.
 1998 "Denmark ñ notes on culural historical backgraound of the arts", Manifesta 2 Catalog, Luxemborg.
  In "Presenting LAB - LAB Presents", publication with the group LAB. At Pineapple, Malm­, Sweden.
  "it's a house, not a home", The Meaning of Site, jeblikket special issue.
 1997 "Ann Lislegaard", Istanbul Bienial Catalog.
 1996 "Now Here", Texte Zur Kunst #23.
  "Alikeness", exhibition concept, curating & catalogue text for Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne, Australia.
 1996 - Editor of "ÿjeblikket" ó a (Danish) magazine for art and visual cultures.
 2001 Edited the book "We're all Normal (and we want our freedom)", Black Dog Publishing, London.