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Linus Elmes (UKS, Oslo)

The Encyclopedia of Anticipation

As the last coming-together of “netres” the independent art spaces Sparwasser HQ and UKS met for a series of editorial workshops.

The Encyclopedia of Anticipation was an inquiry into the process of history-making and self-institutionalization, making the itineraries of such activities visible and present. The project was conceived around the idea shaping history through writing history in the present. Nevertheless, it functions as a pronouncement of outlooks into the future as well. The key to this process was a series of editorial situations, functioning as a temporary community, which exemplifies and visualizes not only the processes of knowledge production within the art field, but the way the personal and institutional interconnections take shape real-time in the society.

For the first workshop-session Sparwasser HQ assembled amongst others curator Linus Elmes, artist Michael Baers, Daniel Seiple& Philip Horst/Skulpturenpark and Sönke Hallmann&Inga Zimprich/Department of Reading.